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Health Resources International (HRI) West Africa is focused on the Health Sector with commitment to health improvement through clinical governance, multisectoral and multidisciplinary team working: basic and post basic training, population health, health information and dissemination, project conceptualization, design, implementation and results-based monitoring. Its non profit subsidiaries are the Journal of Health Practice and Journal of Primary Health Care. --------- we build capacity and inform, to influence quality and safe practice---.

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In HRI our mission is to make the people of Nigeria and West Africa healthier through the power of information, knowledge and application of appropriate skills and attitude. Since 1991, our faculty has done this directly through a myriad of interventions that are listed under 'Our Products', and indirectly through our work with JHP and JPHC. Our health information enables better healthcare outcomes, and helps to lower the overall morbidity and mortality in an inclusive way.

Research Strategy

Our vision for research is to health research policy and advocate its acceptance and implementation for health system strengthening. We use the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance modules as the platform on which we produce the policies. We seek external funding to supplement our internal resources for our activities and fund new policy research clinicians and scientists with the aim of achieving progressive improvements that enable health systems innovation to become strengthened. Understanding new ideas, practices, technologies through research will increase the chances of health policy and scientific breakthroughs that should benefit the whole population.

We have been doing this, first in 1991, first as Nigerian Medical Forum (The NMF UK), then as BMJ West Africa edition from 1995-2015, and currently as Health Resources International West Africa (HRI WA) with the same vision and mission by collecting health information materials locally and from the United Kingdom and elsewhere, and disseminating it. In addition, we produce and publish current information distribute it, coupled with other activities such as running the Health Information Resource Centres (virtual library style). Our activities and output have made real impact in building capacity (over 5000 participants and trainees have gained from our training), and changing attitudes to patient care. We influence best practice based on best evidence with use of clinical guidelines from globally recognized sources that inform the day-to-day practice of doctors, nurse and other health workers. Through Clinical Governance we are succeeding in the promotion of harmonious multidisciplinary and multisectoral team working for Health.

HRI West Africa (HRI WA) has accumulated experience over 30 years in health system strengthening through implementation of the modules of the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance in the low income countries of West Africa subregion, beginning with Nigeria and Ghana.. We are proud of our progress to date. We are currently advocating for regulatory bodies of medicine and other health professions in the subregion to add the clinical governance modules to the basic and post basic training curriculum so that future medical and health graduates enter the work place already aware and thinking quality and safety of patients.

Research Ethics

HRI WA will only do and support research of the highest quality carried out to the highest standards. We are strongly affiliated with BMJ, NMA and other high ethics organisations. We audit our processes and policies every 3 years to ensure compliance and adherence.

The Not for Profit subsidiary is The NMF UK and Nigeria Registered in Nigeria and UK Publishing; Consultancy (Health System Strengthening and Innovation); Capacity Building and Training; Core Team has been together since 1991 Task Description Publisher BMJ WA edition 1995/6 ( new contract currently under discussion) Publisher Journal of Health Practice ( JHP ) Introduced, piloted and escalated 12-Pillar Clinical Governance (CG) for LMICs 2004 – CRS Bauchi State Health system renewal 2007- 15 Lily Hospital, Warri 2011 ( Lily has since won accreditations from SON, MDCN, NPGMCollege) Nigerian Medical Association ( NMA) – Chair, NMA Clinical Governance Committee 2012 Capitol Hill Clinic Warri 2013 Applying 12-Pillar CG in Health Improvement Projects / Programmes Cross River State Health System Renewal 2004 – 2008 Logistics Consultant to World Bank Assisted Malaria Control Booster Project 2009-2011 Bauchi State – Clinical Governance & Patient Safety Institution 2015 Annual CPD / CME Workshops for Doctors and other Health Workers 2000 – date (Accredited CPD Provider by Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria -MDCN) Consultant to Niger Delta Dev. Commission (NDDC) – Revitalization of PHC in Five States

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